A Bonus Thursday Treat – Anna and the Ring’s Snowy Wedding

Thursday treats may officially be finished for 2010, but I couldn’t let this year conclude without sharing the fact that my gorgeous friend – blogger and regular Rock n Roll Bride guest writer, Anna and the Ring got married!

Anna’s snowy wedding to David took place in November and was perfectly captured by the epic Emma Case. For the full set of glorious image and all the juicy details be sure to pop by Emma Case’s blog, and Love My Dress.

Congrats to Anna & her Bean!


  1. Kate

    Lovely lovely lovely. I love her blog and her honesty. She pulled off a beautiful wedding. Everyone looks so happy x

  2. That was meant to be ‘look’ not ‘loog’ – I’m not sure what a loog is – but it sounds pretty fun either way!! hehe! xx

  3. wow what an lovely wedding I have been waiting with great anticipation for Anna’s wedding and it was better than I could ever had imagine. She looks truly stunning the photographs are wonderful but they would be with the very talented Emma! All the details are so lovely it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy

  4. Oh My God, what a beautiful wedding with the snow falling in the background! Anna looks gorgeous and Bean looks so cool! I love you guys! xoxo, Giovanna

  5. alexis

    nice weedding, and I like the last picture best quite funny and different to many weeding pics. All the best!

  6. They are amazing!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! I am so addicted to this website and for this reason alone! The amazingly uniquely gorgeous people portrayed on this site are unlike any other!!! I feel so close to people on this site and I don’t even know ya’ll. Love the intimacy that is captured in this post!


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