At Home with the Rock n Roll Bride (and Groom!)

Over the summer I was contacted by Wedding Ideas Magazine who featured our wedding last year. They asked if we would like to take part in a ‘Where Are They Now?’ style feature, which we jumped at the chance to be involved with. One problem, they asked for some recent photographs of Me & Gareth…

Eeek. You see, when you work 8 days a week including doing lots of photo shoots, having nice photographs taken with your loved one isn’t something that regularly comes to mind – in fact believe me, without all that make up and styling I can often take a very bad photo! However luckily for us, my awesome friend Emma Case just happened to be visiting so I asked her if she’d be so kind as to take some shots of us. What lucky ducks we are.

When Emma and I discussed ideas for the shoot, I said how I didn’t want to do anything too styled or fancy. I just wanted some simple and sexy (well Gareth is pretty sexy if I do say so myself) photographs of the two of us. Doing them at home made sense as we could get the kittens involved too (although when it came to it, it was only Henry, the huge poser, who wanted to play model) and Emma’s laid back, fun style lent itself perfectly to what we had in mind.

So, we threw on some regular clothes, hung out in our slightly damp and overgrown autumnal garden and in our ‘lived in’ bedroom (Emma’s tactful way of saying ‘messy’ I think!) and snuggled and posed together. Gareth made out he was all nervous and didn’t really want to do it, but the sneaky boy totally got into it too (don’t believe him if he says otherwise!)

I hope you like these photos. These are without a doubt the photographs that show the ‘real me.’ No fancy make up artist or designer wedding dresses this time…oh and my hairband cost me £3 from Primark, loads of you have asked on Twitter where it was from! I only got it a few weeks ago, so if you hurry it may still be in there.

Our wedding will be re-visited in the January issue of  Wedding Ideas Magazine, and yes of course I’ll be posting it!

Thanks Emma. You rule!

Photography Credit: Emma Case Photography


  1. How sweet! I love the shots through the bed frame. Emma Case was the perfect choice to capture the love, the intimacy and the fun. Beautiful.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE ‘EM!!! Fantastic and wonderfully natural – what a lovely set of memories you have to keep 🙂 Well done the legend that is THE CASE – Awesome as always xxxxxxx

  3. you guys are so damn cute!!!! i’m going to punch you. haha. i love these, they are beautiful & very creative! my faves are the images shot through the footrest with your kitty! 🙂

  4. Post author

    ha ha salma, our bed was from dreams i think. we got it like 5 years ago when we first moved in together and it was the cheapest thing in the shop pretty much!

  5. Jenni

    Kat, your hubby is HOT (he just happens to look a little like my fiance!) and those pics are adorable. You guys are so cute x

  6. Bless you all, love the fact that you got the kittens involved, even if it was only Henry who wanted to play. Great to see you and Gareth so in love after the wedding, not only on the wedding day……Great idea for a feature, wjuld love to get my husband involved in a photo shoot but i have NO chance!!! your a very lucky lady to have 2 such handsome men in your life! xxx

  7. Totally gorgeous photos. The trouble with being married (gets worse when you have children) is that you just dont have photos of the 2 of you, unless taken when you’ve been out and thus looking a bit worse for wear!

    Having these photos means at least you have some gorgeous, close photos of you both. I think they are fab. Did you having trouble choosing? I hope you are going to enlarge some and display them at home?

    I think we should all make an effort to ahve photos taken once a year together, although……….I’d want a new outfit, and my hair done, and not to mention I’d want to lose weight 🙁 – oh well ditch that idea!

  8. love them knew they would be brilliant! the picture of you two on your bed reminds me of the film “cat on a hot tin roof” which is one of my favourite films a very sexy paul newman and a stunning elizabeth taylor. Really beautiful especially the black and white shot looking down at you both on the bed. Henry of course looks very handsome xx

  9. Sheri

    Lovely pictures! They not only show how beautiful you are, but they also show how happy you are : )

  10. feeling all the genuine love with all these!
    all the more making me itch to shoot you both too hehehe (if there’s ever a chance for us to meet someday!) =)


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