A Fairytale Wedding for a Tattooed Princess

“My husband Dewald and I were both engaged to other people a year ago – but when we met it was really a fairytale!” Mona, the bride began. “When they say that opposites attract they are sourly mistaken, my husband and I are soulmates, body, mind and soul! We both have an affinity to all things that are unconventional, covered in tattoos and piercings and we adore all things vintage. After only two months we became engaged and I had his name tattooed on me as a symbol of my lifelong dedication to making the world rock together!”

Mona & Dewald wanted a fun, simple and personal wedding. They basically created a big party for all their friends and family and kept it as non-weddingy as possible. The pastor even arrived for the ceremony on a Harley Davidson!  The bride’s Mother is a dressmaker so she obviously made Mona’s dress. She wanted something offbeat, something unique and something completely different to a traditional wedding dress.”We combined our avant-garde taste gave birth to sexiest little wedding tutu – I felt like a princess!” concluded the bride.

Huge thanks to Mona & Dewald for sharing their fab wedding today!

Photography Credit: Simply Me Photography& Hennie van der Walt
Bride’s Dress: Mariaan Tilsley – Titillating Tilsley Wedding Gowns
Bride’s Shoes: Vivienne Westwood
Bride’s Jewellery: Painful Pleasures
Groom’s suit: Edgars
Groom’s Shoes: Converse
Cake & Catering: Mimi Bezuidenhout
Flowers and Decor: Michelle Horn
Hair and Make Up: Kathy


  1. OK I’m verging on desperate here!!!
    WHERE did you manage to get pearl lady dragons with the red heart?!?

    I would literally kill (ok maybe just poke someone) for them and I can’t get them ANYWHERE!!!!!

    Any brides who would be keen to sell a second hand pair?!

    Sorry for hijacking Kat, loved the Marie Antoinette shoot!x

  2. J. Drysdale


    Try typing in “Vivienne Westwood heart shoes” into Google. Then press on the ‘Shopping’ bit on the top (up there with Images, Maps, Videos, News, etc…)

    Hopefully you find a pair in your size!

  3. Thanks folks. I’ve been ‘ebaying’ and ‘googling’ for a good 6 months now and just haven’t seen any (above a size 4 anyway, and I think I’d need a 6)

    Will keep plodding on!

  4. I didn’t know we could even get those in South Africa, but I’ve seen more than one bride on a blog wearing them! So they must be gettable…Good luck!


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