Victorian Nouveau

August 11, 2010

I love the modern twist on the distinctly Victorian styling of this shoot. Layered vintage fabrics, corsets and handmade jewellery have all been offset by different shades of modern red in the makeup and styling. The shoot took place at an old historic train station which, with it’s unique detailing really brought the theme together.

Thanks to photographer Shannon and everyone involved with this shoot for sharing these today

Credit: Shannon Grant Photography
Hair/Makeup: Jeni Teran
Jewellery Designer: Jennifer Parish
Floral Design: Gale Barton
Models: Stephanie Mandigo, Claudia Snow & Mara Adriana


  1. Johanna Martin

    What a beautiful set of images and a wonderful location, maybe it was meant to rain? x

  2. That Jo MIllington’s a bit good isn’t she? Gorgeous, think that the rainy day, and the decision to take it inside into the old, crumbling building, worked out excellently.


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