Thursday Treats – 19th August 2010

Credit: via Le Love

You all blew me away yesterday. I have been floored and humbled by all your responses to my How to…Have a Perfectly Imperfect Wedding/Life. I just wanted to say (another) huge resounding thank you to everyone for your thoughts, encouragement, support and love. We are all the same and I love that.

I also just put up (sorry Gareth just put up!) a new blog header. What do you think? Me likely. Although the last one was cute, I think this one is a lot more ‘Rock n Roll.’  Thanks to Emma Case who took the photograph and Nubby Twiglet who designed it.

Anyway…on to a little tit-bit of treats. Enjoy!

i Popp Wallpaper – I still want that achingly cool house one day. I feel good knowing that I may not be there yet but I’m certainly working towards it.
Gala Darling’s Curious Tuesday post this week was all about weddings – and featured photographs she’d found on Rock n Roll Bride
Numbers Big and Small brilliant post about how to read and understand click thru rates in regards to your online advertising
Incredible Customised Album Designs from MangoRED
♥ Diamante encrusted skull – LOVE!
I need to get one of these signs…I’m a Mrs Williams too!

Retro Backyard Bridal Shower
Rainbow Cocktail
Bridesmaid Alternatives: A Compendium
Sixties Engagement Shoot
Lindsay Fleming Couture are going on the road
♥ I want my very own Polaroid friend – pleeease!?
the sweet underneath… – sexy & sweet couple’s boudoir
Playful party – inspiration from Bows and Arrows
Why Is The Wedding Party So Fraught?
♥ Rockabetty Studios have launched their fabulous pin up style boudoir sessions. I approve.

♥ You may have seen this already, but I finally got round to watching it this week – truly awful! ♥

♥ Incredible Cirque de Soleil first dance! ♥

♥ Natalie and Aric’s Super8mm Wedding Summary ♥

Natalie and Aric’s Super8mm Wedding Summary from silva stills and cinema on Vimeo.

♥ Cindy & Tony’s amazing engagement video ♥
(You can see their pictures here)

Cindy + Tony Fusion from Jason Groupp on Vimeo.


  1. Amy Georgina

    Woo that’s me at my Rockabetty shoot! Big thanks for including them Kat, you quite literally, Rock!

  2. Amy Georgina

    Okay, now I’ve come down from the excitement of seeing my mug on your wonderful blog and had a chance to have a proper look, I’m loving your video Cindy, your lock and key tattoos are gorgeous!

  3. Cindy

    Thank you Amy. Your Rockabetty pic is great. I love it. I did a boudoir shoot with my photographer as well. If you go to the main page of her blog, they are after my engagement pics. She’s really really great.

  4. Mostly

    Honestly, I need to quit my job and stay home all day just to devote the amount of attention that this site deserves.

    I just read the ‘Imperfect life/wedding’ post (163 comments – omg) and it just rang so true. The whole ‘sometimes you look at others and feel your your wedding will be substandard’.
    It is so true that we all feel like this but I love that you have the courage to articulate it Kat! We alll feel like we don’t have enough friends/house isn’t clean/everyone elses lives are more exciting than our own.

    Keep posting the fabulous material that you post. More and more I feel like your developing a lovely welcoming, al embracing community.

  5. WOW that first dance video is beautiful and amazing!!! Love that you’re always showing so many different styles and wedding stories on here! 🙂 Happy Weekend…love the new blog header!

  6. PS ….Love the lock and key tattoos! My husband and i got tattoos a few weeks before our wedding that symbolize both of our last names…together as one like us! We have a horseshoe and a feather. ♥

    Also going to be doing a tattoo bride post soon since Ive been inspired by your brides and myself being a tattooed bride…cant wait to show you! 🙂

  7. Yay!!! I love this video!! Cindy and Tony are an amazing couple, and where so fun to photograph. I’m counting down to their pin-up themed wedding in a week!!!!

  8. *were so fun*

    Also, please don’t hesitate to use her boudoir photos, or let me know if you need anything from me. She flippin rocked the pinup/suicide girl theme!!

  9. Pie

    Oooooh. Now, is the Rainbow Cocktail just a little bit too cliche for a gay wedding? Who cares? It looks fab!


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