An Elephant, Vegan & Love Themed Celebration

This elephant themed, vegan love-fest wedding makes me so happy! Abigail & Zak actually got married last October so this wedding was really a celebration of their love and partnership involving all their friends & family.

“We wanted it to have a theme of elephants, loyalty, and compassion” they told me. !That’s why we had the paintings of our parents there and also why our “favors” were gifts bought from heifer international (bees and trees) in our guests’ honor. The most important part of our vision was that we were already married last October, so we didn’t want to pretend this was something it wasn’t. We wanted it to be a celebration of our partnership, and our friend who introduced us was our celebrant at the party. We did our vows in the past tense, and most importantly, we wrote and read our marriage manifesto about what partnership and marriage means to us.”

“We had an all vegan snacks and dessert buffet (we wanted to be able to eat everything at our own wedding!) we used as many local products (flowers, beer, etc) as possible. Our cake was homemade by a good friend. We had no strangers there, which was important. Friends catered, photographed and bartended.”

“Since between us we’ve lost three parents, rather than have photographs and candles (which seemed a little funeral-y) we had a good friend who is a local artist do portraits of our parents so that they would be recognized there, but in a more lighthearted way. We also incorporated heirlooms and special items from our grandparents and parents in the decorations.”

Thanks to Abigail & Zak and their photographer Kat for sharing this gorgeousness with us today

Credit: Kat Berger Photography
Venue: South Shore Pavilion, Milwaukee, WI
Bride’s Dress: Lily (bought at Nordstrom Online)
Bride’s Hair clips: Pixel and Hank on Etsy
Bride’s Petticoat: Porches Place on Etsy     
Bride’s Shoes: Mohop
Bride’s Jewellery: Elephant Necklace was bought in India. The rest was all inherited from the Bride’s Parents
Groom’s Pants: Banana Republic
Groom’s Tie: Cyberoptix Tie Lab
Groom’s Boutonnieres: Pixel and Hank on Etsy
Groom’s Tie Clips: 3 Sweet Peas Jewelry on Etsy 
Groom’s Cuff Links: Cosmic Firefly on Etsy  
Groom’s Shoes: Simple
Cake: Made by a friend
Flowers: Diy bought from South Shore Farmer’s Market 
Bridesmaids/Groomsmen: Wore anything they liked that was brown
Hair: Stef at Groom Salon
Make Up: Diy
Stationary: Diy
Decor: All Diy


  1. what a sweet and thoughtful celebration, I love the portraits of their parents it is such an original idea. Also it’s so great to see another vegan wedding- I am having an all-vegan wedding too for the same reasons.

  2. abby

    oh my gosh! that’s my wedding! thanks for posting us. Kat’s photos are so awesome and so is she! wow i feel super neato right now. Thank you!

  3. It was a such a super sweet celebration! The artist the painted the portraits of the parents is Dwellephant (

  4. Donna

    Bride’s S-I-L here, it was the most perfect celebration of who Zak and Abby are, what they stand for and the commitment they have made to each other. And Kat’s photography is amazing!!

  5. Pam

    Hey! this is my kid’s wedding! It was so them….fun, sentimental, unique and most of all, they showed so much love for each other and for their families and friends with the simplest things. I am so proud of them!

  6. hilary

    I love this. I didn’t have a wedding when I was married last year either and I’ve been debating how I can justify getting the wedding that I want without making it something that it’s not. Very inspired.

  7. Zak

    I’m the groom of this here shindig. I also wanted to mention that the wedding bands and engagement ring are all from Leber Jeweler Inc. ( out of Chicago. Ethically produced and environmentally sustainable jewelry. Recycled gold and all kinds of gems and precious stones from ethical sources. They were great to work with.

  8. Auntie Kathy

    Hey Guys! Food was great, cake was fantastic, weekend was wonderful! Thanks for the great family memories. Also, thanks to the Uncle Rob and Patrick for showing us all that it is not necessary to wear a bathing suit in the hotel pool! HeHe Zak & Abby — You are both very good to and for each other. Love you both!


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