A Sunday Kind of Love – You Lot!

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Warning: Overly gushing post ahead

When I started thinking about this week’s Sunday Kind of Love post there was really only one group of people I could devote it to—you lot!! Seriously, I’m actually feeling a little bit emotional as I write this. I’ve just been reading though all your survey responses and all the LOVELY things you’ve said about me and my little blog. I literally don’t have the words to express how awesome you guys are and how much love is filling my little pink heart right now.

Thank you so much for being you.

Thank you so much for being individuals.

Thank you so much for wanting to do things your own way.

Thank you so much for loving what I do.

Thank you so much for reading what I have to say and for saying such gushing things about me and Rock n Roll Bride.

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I started the blog to be a mini haven in this often pukeworthy wedding world and I could never have imagined that so many people all over the world would not only agree with my (often seen as warped!) point of view, but speak so openly and expressively about your love for what I do. I am SO HAPPY to have inspired so many of you and to feel like I’ve helped you all in some way with your weddings, your businesses and your lives.

I’m just a pink haired chick with one to many tattoos, who can’t spell (like, seriously can’t spell!) who spends too much time on the internet, who gets stared at in the street for looking different who used to beat herself up inside and out for being the way she was. I’m just a girl who was bullied at school for being different and not fitting in. In my wildest dreams I could not imagine a more amazing group of people to read my words and love what I have to say.

I might just go and have a little cry…

Thank you so much.

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ps Today is the last day to fill in your readers survey for your chance to win over £900 worth of Rock n Roll bootie! Winners will be announced tomorrow and I’ll be analysing and sharing the overall results with you really soon.


  1. I just felt you right there. throwin’ real tight hug!!! xxxxxxxxx

    and we’re all gonna be stickin’ our noses for tomorrow’s post with all those results!!! wooopeeey!!!!
    if ever I win, i’m sharing with yah the prize hahaha
    if i don’t, i won’t ever feel like i got lost at all! you know why already!

  2. Jo

    No, no a massive THANK YOU, simply for being you and showing us there is another, well actually many other ways to get married.

    A big hug from all of us who where different at school and now are over it and thank heavens every day we never backed down and stayed true to ourselves.

    Keep up the amazing work.

    I have my fingers totally crossed for tomorrow.

    Jo x

  3. You don’t owe US a thank you … YOU are the amazing one! THanks for sharing all your fab ideas with us. 🙂

  4. Fiona

    You’re amazing!!! I love this blog, it’s keeping me sane in crazy wedding world. Keep rocking, whatever rocking may entail for you! And here’s to all us misfit school girls that blaze our own paths rather than walking along someone elses. x

  5. Mostly

    Kat, you deserve every darn piece of adulation coming your way. I cannot BEGIN to tell you how grateful I am for this little we world of lovliness and originality you have created. You have brought together like-minded souls who find the wedding industry…soulless.
    I count my lucky stars that I found this pre-wedding. I no longer feel anxious and out of step; patrolling your site I feel inspiration and a sense of belonging. A wonderful feeling.
    Well done on your success Kat – rock on.


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