THIS is What it’s All About – Forget the Details & the ‘Blog-Worthy Wedding’ Obsession

July 30, 2010

There is always a lot of chatter around blog land about details details details. Photographers are obsessed with getting couples with detail-heavy weddings so that the blogs and magazine will want to feature them. While this is true (after all wedding blogs and mags are primarily read by brides-to-be who want to see weddings with ideas they can steal for their own big day) do you ever think that this obsession to have a ‘blog-worthy’ detail heavy wedding might be a little excessive?

I’m not one to slag aaaanybody’s wedding off but I do see some weddings circulating around blog land that just seem so…well…contrived. Like a circus almost. Like a made-for-blogs-wedding-circus. The results are pretty much always gorgeous and inspiring but do you ever look at weddings like that and feel depressed or inadequate about your own wedding? 

I wonder sometimes if a lot of us have actually forgotten the whole point of the wedding in the first place. Two people, in love standing there saying “I Do”. That’s it. That’s what’s important. Lets not forget that.

That’s why I flipping LOVE Myrna & LB’s wedding. The two of them, looking smokin’ hot with beaming smiles and an aura over utter joy and elation. THAT’S what this is about people.

The pair had a private ceremony (without anyone else – not even their parents) in Golden Gate Park near the Dutch Windmill – San Francisco, CA. They didn’t have a reception.

“Our family and friends were excited for us, but I know our parents wish we had done the traditional big wedding. What was important to us, and quite frankly weird to most people I guess, was being completely alone (save Leah for photography and the officiant) because we wanted to experience that moment just between us. I felt like it’s such an intimate, personal thing that it’s weird to share that with other people. I was never the little girl that dreamed of her wedding and prince charming. I hate big, floofy ball gown wedding dresses…I hate the idea of walking down an aisle while everyone stares at you…I hate the idea of going through all that stress for planning a wedding. Doing the traditional wedding felt to me that it wouldn’t be about us, that it would be about having it for other people. We both didn’t want a traditional wedding, so why have it? Because we “have” to? So a compromise we came to with our parents was to have a reception later. We are currently planning the reception for this November with all our fam & friends. The benefit of doing it this unconventional way was that we saved A LOT of money doing the ceremony privately and a small reception at a later date.”

Thanks to Myrna & LB and their photographer Leah for sharing this fabulously personal wedding with us today

And thanks to all of you for listening to my mini-lecture. Thoughts?

Credit: Photography by Leah
Bride’s Dress: David’s Bridal
Bride’s Shoes: David’s Bridal
Necklace & Earrings: Claire’s
Groom’s Suit: Saks
Groom’s Shoes: Vans
Bouquet and boutonniere: custom made by AmoreBride on Etsy
Ring pillow: custom made by JenCarres on Etsy
Hair flower: HitomiDesign on Etsy
Make Up: Amelia @ Beauty Works
Hair Stylist: Roderick @ Fairmont hotel’s salon