Dark & Moody San Francisco Elopement

Lilly Red

June 9, 2017

Oh my goodness, I have the most beautiful elopement to share with you today! Valentina and Lorenzo were married in San Francisco in November. They didn’t have their ceremony photographed, nor did they have a reception, but they hired Lilly Red to take some beautiful wedding day portraits. They planned the elopement in just one month too!

“I’ve always loved weddings and I had something in mind for ours, but when we started to organise it, we realised it would be too expensive”, said the bride. “I think that a lot of couples are afraid to venture too much and following their hearts, but we were alone, with no friend or family members to judge our look or our choices. In fact we kept our wedding secret so everybody (other than our parents) only found out that we’d got married when we changed our statuses on Facebook! We planned everything really fast, in one month too. My husband-to-be was working in Israel for 20 days before the wedding and only came back four days before!”

“The ceremony was both of our favourite parts of the day but I never thought it would have been!” she continued. “Even though we were at the crowded City Hall and it was really really fast (less than four minutes!) our officiant was able to create a really special, intimate moment for us. I’ll never forget my husband’s gaze while he was putting the ring on my finger while pronouncing the vows. My heart was blowing up of happiness.”

The bride opted for a blue non-wedding dress. “Everything started with my gown. Not a lot of brides wear blue but I wanted to. I ordered a bunch of dresses from Lulus, and this was the one I felt most comfortable in and really like myself. Everything else was based on the dress and some moody wedding editorials gave me the idea of the dark lipstick. Lorenzo wore his favourite jeans and a jacket from Zara ”

“The best thing about our wedding was that we had nobody telling us what to do and how to plan it. My advice to other couples would be to BE THEMSELVES!”