Stevie Wonder played at our Reception!

I don’t often post weddings that aren’t shot by a professional wedding photographer as I am so passionate about everyone having amazing wedding photography, however there are definitely some instances when I’m happy to make an exception. I am proud to make the ‘wedding’ of Stacey & Dave one of these exceptions.

The pair were at Glastonbury music festival last weekend (actually I think it was the week before, man I am behind with my blog posts!) and got engaged, hurrah! Their friends suggested they get married then and there as Glastonbury is famous for people rocking up and getting married in wellies, surrounded by mud and music! This year however it was 30 degrees and although the ‘wedding’ isn’t a legally binding one (silly UK wedding laws) this is certainly going to be an awesome memory for the couple.

“Our friend Sam joked that we should get married at Glastonbury, and we liked that idea!” Stacey told me. “So the next day, we had a blessing in a quiet garden in the green field. Instead of vows we each made a promise to each other, and instead of rings we exchanged bracelets which we bought from a market stall at the festival. Candles were lit for our family who were not there but there in spirit. After wards we celebrated with Cider and Stevie Wonder played at our reception!”

They are getting married for real (hopefully on the same day) next summer and I can’t wait to see how they’re going to out do this!

Thanks to Stacey & Dave for sharing their special day with us

Credit: Friends & Family taken on disposible cameras


  1. So cool. Whoever is their ‘real’ wedding photographer next year will be very lucky cos I bet they end up having a super-cool wedding. Love the fact you’ve credited f&f!

  2. Aw, fantastic! And to have Stevie Wonder play at your “reception” – what a great way to celebrate!

  3. amy f

    i wish you could really get married at glastonbury, that would be AMAZING. and i love a bit of stevie!

  4. Mel

    I tried with all my might to convince my fiance that we should have a blessing ceremony at Glasto before our real wedding, but he wouldn’t because he thought it was a real wedding and that it would spoil the magic of the day. I’m really gutted I didn’t press further now because this is so amazing. Would of been a perfect symbol of our relationship because we met at a festival!


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