Couture Outfits, Cat Portraits & The Best First Dance Ever

Karol Makula Photography

August 1, 2019

If you need a dose of pure joy injected into your veins today then I’m about to hook you up… Behold, one of the cutest, most love-filled weddings ever! Graeme and Gareth were married at Myres Castle near Fife. They both wore the most incredible bespoke outfits made by Atelier Rahman and they even had their cats pop down for some photos!

Oh, and they did one of the BEST first dances I’ve ever seen. These guys are my HEROES! Check it out in the video below:

Their main theme for their late spring celebration was rustic with a touch of elegance. They were married outside, under a huge tree. “Our ceremony was inspired by an Indian style wedding so all of our immediate family walked up the aisle before us as part of the entrance”, they explained. “Since Graeme is part of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, he has many musician friends so we had backing music as well as a mini orchestra. We had six of them playing during the ceremony (a harp, two cellos, two violin and a flute). They played our family and us up the aisle. Our humanist, Maggie, was amazing and made our service so personal. We lit candles for lost ones (especially Graeme’s mum who we lost last year to MND). We did a handfasting and we revealed our Robertson-Brown family tree that Graeme had worked years on. We then walked back up the aisle to the surprise pipe band who were hiding behind a wall!”

“The most unique part of our wedding has to be our outfits”, they continued, “They are very ‘couture’ and people had never seen anything like it. We had our designer Ansar Rahman there for the day as we became very close friends during the design process. We also had an Egyptian tanoura dancer (Gareth lived in Egypt for two years so wanted this bit of culture). He performed during the day and also for the evening guests. An Elvis tribute act was also a surprise for Graeme from Gareth during the speeches that went down a storm (tears were flowing).”

Like all Rock n Roll couples, they also wanted their day to feel personal so included a few homemade elements to help achieve that. Their table plan was said ‘Find your face, to find your place’ – they included a photo of each guest, rather than just their names. They also made a family tree, had their own personal flag made (which flew proud above the castle!) and personalised bottles of water with a wedding logo that they designed themselves.

“Seeing it all come to reality, even better than we had imagined, was the highlight of the day for us”, they concluded. “Trying to please everyone whilst trying to stay true to ourselves was hard at times though! There’s nothing we’d do differently about our day and our advice to others would be to not worry about sticking to traditions.”

“Make your wedding about YOU. All our guests and even suppliers said how different our wedding was and many mentioned it being the best wedding they have been to. We made our own rules and ensured every guest was entertained, fed, well watered with a few surprises thrown in. Our main piece of advice that everyone told us also…. was to enjoy it! Take a few moments to take it all in. Finally, try and have 15 minutes or so just the two of you – away from everyone. We did and it was so special.”