A Non-Vanilla, Love-Filled, 1950’s Delight

An excitable email from a newly married reader always brightens my day and LeeAnn’s may have been one of the most excitable I’ve received in a while! I just had to share the story behind her and husband David’s gorgeous 1950’s influenced wedding with you today.

“After gorging my eyes on a ga-jillion bridal mags and internet images,  I felt I was living a white-out groundhog day” LeeAnn began. “I quickly became downhearted about organising my own BIG DAY, the no-fun casting my eye over “traditional” gowns (this one? no, that one? no, repeat), the vanilla-ness of invites, pink-and-white themes to the power of 42,000! Where did the love go?”
“I think it was a Wednesday and my heart stood still….stopped, popped, blew up and nearly burst with love at the teeniest tiniest little picture of a 50’s style wedding dress!  The simplicity, the classic lines, the Frou-Frou…No other designer, strapless, flowing, ruched, lace, beaded, train or no train gown was going to be the winner! This was IT for me! Even better than this, the prospect of “ankle-age” (showing off one’s ankles) and the Shoes! The Shoes! (Oh! Heart! Don’t fail me now!) Enter, stage left, Lisa of Dragonfly Dress Design in Glasgow, who put my ponderings to paper and really really listened to all my wishin’ and hopin’ that I could pull off such a beautifully timeless gown, perhaps, perhaps, perhaps? And so began my love affair with tulle…the gown she handmade for me, words just cant explain how awesome I felt wearing it, and I just adored the teeny little birdcage veil she also worked her magic on.  What a woman!”
“Soon came the realisation that a bridal gown like this went hand-in-hand with songs of yesteryear that I love, Dion’s ‘Runaround Sue’ and Little Anthony’s ‘Tears on my Pillow’ being two of my all time Top 10.  They may not be specifically linked with the 50’s, but the images they evoke in my mind when I hear them and singalong, I think I had a major Light-bulb moment when I pictured myself in my dress. The Jigsaw came together relatively easy after that. David was cool with all I suggested and put forward (I did give him some input, honest), the look of horror on parents and grandparents faces when I explained I was doing something “a wee bit different” to the norm.  It actually became a delight to seek out the alternative.”

Thanks to LeeAnn & David for sharing their awesome wedding with us today

Credit: Paula Veverka Photography
Venue: St Andrew’s in the Square, Glasgow
Ceremony: Leslie Mitchell, Humanist Society of Scotland (KVETCH-tastic) 
Car: Baby blue American Pontiac owned by a friend of a friend
Dress:  Handmade by Lisa at Dragonfly Dress Design, The Hidden Lane, Glasgow
Shoes: Lana by Benjamin Adams
Birdcage Veil: Dragonfly Dress Design, The Hidden Lane, Glasgow
Accessories: Accessorize
Bridesmaid’s dresses: Vivien of Holloway
Hair & Make Up: Lisa McKay
Cakes: Karen Smith (Friend of Bride)
Bouquet: Posing Petals (Glasgow)
Invitations: Poobies.com
Favours: John Lewis
Props: Cox & Cox


  1. Oh I love to see cool Scottish weddings! What a beautiful bride and looks like a really cool day. We Weegies (Glaswegians) know how to do weddings!

    Congrats! Michelle x

  2. Nicola (Simplep1xie)

    This is uncannily like the theme for my wedding which has yet to take place!! I have also designed my own 50’s style tea-length dress and have found a wonderful local dressmaker to bring to life my design. My fiance is also Scottish and will be wearing the full kilt and regalia so I totally loved these photos as it is completely and utterly what I have imagined for our (little) big day (there will only be 4 of us there!) The bride looks so stunning in her beautiful dress and looks like she genuinely stepped out of the 50s – beautiful. I love all the little 50s touches to the favours, cake and stationary. A really lovely vintage look wedding day!

  3. faith

    gorgeous gorgeous and what a fun narrative – LeeAnn you could definitely be a writer! the little groomsman in the kilt is adorable!!!

  4. Keren

    Yippee! Thanks for sharing LeeAnn! I had been having the shakes about having to order my dream 50s style dress unseen from a US retailer, so happy to see you found Lisa in our very own Glasgow who seemed to fulfill your requirements beautifully. Love your style and the v beautiful STAintS!

  5. pixie

    wow i love it! what were the button hearts used for? i’m having a button bouquet and am trying to find places to add buttons hehe x

  6. LeeAnn

    Jeez-Louise, I am bowled over with these absolutely fantastic comments!

    Thank you all very much indeed!! It has been a pleasure to share with you guys!

    Keep fighting the good fight of “kick-ass weddingness” lol 🙂 x

  7. kelly

    that is a stunning gown! i love her bridesmaid too! i may steal that idea with some orange and black and white checkered ribbon. my BM dresses are very similar. 🙂

  8. LeeAnn

    Faith – Thank you, you are my new BFF for saying I could be a writer! I wish! 😉 ps the little ‘best boy’ was our 4yr old son, Ewan, he is too cute x

    Pixie – Our wedding was held in November and our favours were little button heart xmas tree decorations. I really wanted guests to have a little memento they could re-use over and over 🙂

    Kelly – Feel free! x

  9. Sinead

    LeeAnn this is amazing and I loved seeing the pictures. I have just got engaged to my own Scot and I am intending a fifties theme for my dress and my bridesmaids dresses. My fella will of course be in his tartan! It is great to see that this works so well!


  10. So happy to see another wedding at St Andrews in the Square – this is where we have chosen as our venue! Yay!

    Love the 50’s inspired dress, you look amazing LeeAnn! Button christmas decorations are very pretty! The photo of you against the radiator is just fabulous and a big well done to your friend for making the cakes.

    So excitied now (can you tell!) – hope our photos turn out as good!


  11. LeeAnn

    Thank you again everyone, it’s truly appreciated!

    Clair – SAINTS is fab, Jacqui and her team are excellent, I just love everything about the place, I’m surprised that not many folk seem to know a lot about it!

    The radiator pic is one of my faves, all the very best when your day arrives, our’s was Ah-MAY-ZING! Loved it!

  12. Haha, yeah it turns out Jacqui is from same place as hubby to be and knows all the family!! Small world indeed!

    Glad you had a fab day – and you have fab photos to keep the memories alive!

  13. Lou

    OMG – what fabulous photos, of what was obviously a fabulous day… LeeAnn you look amazing – I wish I had looked half as stunning on my day as you did. Seeing your photos makes me want to get married again – just to get a rocking dress like yours.
    Many happiness for the future.

  14. patricia

    aww these center pieces are almost like mine.. but i might love these more…hehee


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