The Bike, The Pinata & The Purple Monkey

I have so much to say about this awesome engagement shoot that I almost don’t know where to start…maybe the beginning? Photographer Thomas has pretty much hit the jackpot with Bobbi & Shelby – gorgeous, cool, tattooed, individual, up for it – what more could you want?

The couple came up with the ideas for this shoot themselvesĀ starting with a seedy motel scene, the setting is right out of a 70’sĀ road trip movie complete with peeling paint, a broken television and retro signage. They then headed out, firstly to a junkyard and then to a field where they lay around looking gorgeous and had some fun on a bike…with a pinata (of course!)

Following this came the grand finale. Inspired by the now iconic Tanja Lippert ‘Chicken and the Naked Chick’ engagement shoot, Shelby donned a giant purple monkey suit and Bobbi naked! Love love love….I just adore these.



  1. How does such a cool couple really exist?? Are you kidding me??

    The seedy hotel shots are spectacular. Totally wish I could have these for my decor.

  2. This is awesome! Hope they have some really nude pictures without this hiding tits poses -)) Cause they should be beautiful too. The photograhers work with light and color is great


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