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Low Key Vegas Hotel Suite Wedding with Take Out, Donuts & 70s Flair

Sophie Cooke

Gin and Sake

October 2, 2019

The inspiration behind Lee-Anne and Keegan’s November wedding was a bit of an inside joke - they’d been to Vegas together the previous year and joked around about how fun it would to get married there. They got engaged at the top of a mountain in their homeland of Canada, and while climbing down Lee-Anne said, “So, are we still getting married in Vegas then?” and that was that!



Art of Her

March 12, 2010

We had been planning this shoot for months but just needed the right two people to do it" the guys told me. "As you can see, Adam and Mary were perfect for the shoot. We actually had the wedding dress made for Mary by a local seamstress for $100 (including the cost of the fabric). So, we loaded up and headed to Denison, TX. Our plan was to shoot at the Old Dennison Hotel, but when we got there we found some other amazing places to shoot as well. The town is so weird. It seems like it once was a booming little town (like in the early part of the 1900's), but then as it started to crumble, no one ever fixed it or tore down the old buildings; instead they just built all these modern structures around it. It just feels kind of forgotten, but it was really perfect for our shoot. One of the places we shot was this adorable little 50's diner and malt shop complete with old gas pumps, a juke box, and checkered floors! It's called Peggy Sue's 50's Diner and Ice Cream Parlor. As for the Denison hotel... Supposedly, this hotel burned in 1929 and when it did all of the people who were in it were killed in the fire. I have to say, it was a very creepy. Kind of reminded me of The Shining. Some of the rooms have been remodeled, but many of the rooms are still as they were after the fire. The owner was so sweet to let us use one of the rooms to do the shoot. As you can see in the pictures, the walls are black from the fire and what little furniture that was in the room was definitely old. The cat in some of the picture is an old cat with a glass eye who jumped up on the window sill just in time to be in this series of pictures. Mary was amazing. She has never modeled before but she knew how to position her body and we think she perfectly pulled off the vintage look we were going for (especially considering it was 25 degrees all day and she didn't have a whole lot covering her. All of the clothes (including the furry jacket) and jewelry (with the exception of the wedding dress), we brought from my mom's awesome little boutique called funky at heart boutique (which is in side her gift store called Cheerful Heart Gifts). We always use stuff from her store for our concept shoots! It really goes perfectly with our style. Adam actually brought his own clothes for the shoot. In fact, that's how he dresses on a daily basis. It's almost like they were born in the wrong era. They totally rocked this look...I think because it is a pretty good representation of who they are on a daily basis. I just don't think we could have found better people to do this. As for our inspiration for this shoot... I really wanted to do a shoot that I felt best represented who we are as photographers. I had seen a picture in a magazine one time and loved it and wanted to do something like it but with our own twist on it (hence, the amazing balloon picture that resulted). We basically built the whole shoot around this 30's-40's theme (with the added set from the diner which we just had to do when we found the place). I really love the glamorous look of that era and we really wanted to capture that in this shoot.

Contrast & Style


November 18, 2009

This Australian wedding blew me away as soon as I laid eyes on that dress! Shannon & Carl got married in Brisbane and had a vintage glam wedding full of quirky and classically styled delights. I am loving the multi-layered, uber cute dress and accessories that Shannon rocked (including her amazing bouquet - le swoon indeed) and the locations are to die for - the glamourous ceremony hotel contrasts perfectly with rough 'n ready portrait site and the super trendy, waterside reception venue. A wedding of contrasts and a wedding of style. Thanks to newcomer Stephen for sharing one of his very first weddings with us.

Wai-Ching Bride


September 10, 2009

Evan & Angela's wedding was at the Inn at Laurel Point in Victoria, BC. They had an intimate event with just 20 or 30 guests within their own bridal penthouse suite with an antique/bird theme. They set up a typewriter to be used a vintage style guest book, birdcages around the room and old-time candy for goodie-bag favours. They are both photographers as well so there were antique cameras scattered about as well as lots of shots taken with Evan's old Polaroid Land Camera. Angela's veil was handmade by an artist in Portland, OR and her dress was designed by local Seattle designer Chrissy Wai-Ching. It's a pretty damn amazing dress huh?