My Cupcake Love

I’ve got a second picnic-themed engagement session to share with you today, however you’ll forgive my repetition when you see these bad boys. Cupcakes + tattoos + bicycles + bunting + everything awesome you could want in one session = LOVE! Candace & Tyler are way.too.awesome. he even calls her ‘Cupcake’ AND she has the word tattooed on this inside of her fingers. Oh swoon swoon swoon… I can’t wait to see/blog their wedding. I might die with anticipation.


Talking of cupcake tattoos, did I mention that I’m getting my sleeve (hopefully) finished on Thursday?! Bring it on baby…and yes, there are cupcakes on it!

Thanks to Christina for sharing these…eeeek!

Credit: Made You Look Studios


  1. Angela

    These two are absolutely adorable… They have such a unique style and the love they share for eachother could not be more genuine. They have this way about them, that you can’t help but love them from the moment you meet them. T$ and Candezzy are the definition of TRUE LOVE!

  2. Candace

    These photos are amazing! Thank You Christina for sharing them with the world! Just wait for our wedding ones! 🙂

  3. Post author

    i KNEW you would HEART this! its making me even more excited ti get my cupcakes finished on thursday!

  4. I am so absolutely smitten with these! I look at a lot of wedding/engagement photos for inspiration everyday, but these I am bookmarking because I just adore them!

  5. candace & tyler are rad & so is kat. thanks so much for the feature, keep on rockin’ & i can hardly wait to see your sleeve once it’s finished!

  6. amelia

    totally m.f.e.o. <3
    this sesh gets to me for some reason, i love it!
    it's super creative!

  7. Post author

    HA Candace I didn’t know either! I just asked my husband and it’s ‘made for each other’ awwww!

  8. Stacee

    Love love looove these pics! Everything about them are amazing, not to mention candace looks fabulous! (ok tyler..u too) haha. Probably the most original engagement pix ive ever seen!

  9. christyking

    Aw, Love these two! They’re an inspiration of True Love and their style is so fresh and original! Can’t beat it <3

  10. Mostly

    Wowee, just loverly 🙂

    Does anyone know what program is being used to create the sepia-ish/bold colour effect?

    Reckon it’ s a filter or a post-production manipulation?

    Ta! Mostly xx ( from Down Under)

  11. stephanie

    from my couch to this! you’ve come a long way baby! love you like my own!

  12. Michelle

    OMG I’m sooo jealous that I didn’t know about Christina and Made u look when I got married! These pictures truly capture the TRUE LOVE that Candace and Tyler share!

  13. heidi

    Christina is an amazing photographer, very passionate about what she does! Tyler and Candace you guys are a stunning couple! I cannot wait to see the wedding pictures! Ahh!


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