The Chicken Man And The Naked Chick

OMFG just look at this ridiculously amazing engagement shoot followed by a spectacular and mind blowing wedding!  These will actually blow you away I swear to God.

Firstly the engagement shoot is like nothing I’ve ever seen before..a chicken suit and nakedness – now that’s a brave lady!  But then the wedding..BANG!…hits you right between the eyes with its whimsical, magical, mystical, fairytale, a midsummer nights dream-esque, woodland wonderland extravaganza!

Just check out these pictures and tell me they are not one of the most fabulous you’ve ever seen?

Credit: Tanja Lippert


  1. i love love love this and the naked ones are the best ever! props to everyone involved especially the brave bride , who is my hero and inspiration. this is a photo shoot that makes you think that the typical one are soo average.

  2. It is so crazy I came across this on here! I worked with a girl who was at this wedding! (and friends with the couple). The bride told the groom they could do whatever he wanted for the engagement shoot and that is exactly what he chose. No joke. At the wedding they had sock monkeys as favors. Too cool.

  3. Bob

    #18 with the Lovely Bride and two children on the butterfly park bench is a cute wedding picture.
    I give the Bride lots of points for going through with the pictures.
    Thumbs up to Brides maids, they really make the wedding theme work.


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