Somewhere over the Rainbow

“Somewheeeere over the raaaainbow…waaaay up hiiigh”

Oh yes I do love The Wizard of Oz and when I saw Eagen & Jason’s wedding and it’s nods to Oz, I knew it was perfect for a little blogging. What I love particularly about the wedding is that the theme hasn’t taken over the day – it’s not cheesy, it’s not crass, it’s not cringy – they have just included a few subtle nods to the movie in an oh so stylish way. The emerald (city) bridemaid dresses,the table names, the sparkly ‘Dorothy’ shoes.

Thanks to The Parsons for sharing this wedding with us today

Credit: THE PARSONS photographers
Second Shooters: Punam Bean & Thomas Nash
Venues: Redemptorist Catholic Church, KC, Reception: Arts Incubator, Kansas City
Dress: Made by Eagen’s Mum
Car: Classic 1965 Corvette Stingray
Band: Sellout Live (They danced all night to an 80’s cover band and Eagen sang Walking on Sunshine to kick the set off.)


  1. Kelly

    The bride is absolutely stunning. Amazing! I love the quilled table names. I never thought to do that!

  2. That is such a cute wedding, really love the shots but one of my faves is the image 16 where Eagen is on the car bonnet and the flock of bird is behind her. The paper art on the place cards is awesome too! Very cool theme – and love the rustic setting too! Lovely!

  3. james

    Lovely shots, shame there is a big dust/dirt mark top right of three of the outside shots against the blue sky. takes away from their stylish quality.

  4. Maureen

    The best designed & most fun wedding I’ve EVER attended!!! Elegant, fun, stylish, joyous, gracious, delicious, thoughtful, and fabulous!
    The bride and groom are an awesome couple – lovely, gracious, and loving as well as smart, stylish, and accomplished! Everyone felt great just being around them — the “love light” was shining on all!

    The bride’s mom designed & made the dress and jeweled belt; the bride’s lace cap was a family heirloom worn by bride’s grandmother and mother (and bride’s maternal aunts) & the new veil was studded with tiny crystals (very subtle sparkle when the light hit it).
    Bridesmaids chose their own dress styles in the bride’s favorite color of green. Groom & groomsmen laid aside their tuxes in favor of very hip “Mad Men” grey suits and skinny green ties.
    The bride, maid of honor (bride’s sister) and bride’s aunties “M” (all of her aunts are M ___) did the elegant table arrangements & fun escort cards (designed by the bride & her mother) using fresh flats of plants & yellow flowers, recycled tin cans tied w/ straw rafia, green glass hurricanes & rainbow lollipops. A friend of the bride hand-made the gorgeous quilled-accented calligraphy Oz-themed table name cards.
    Fabulous catering & cake by Moxie (cake decorated w/ heirloom bakelite love birds from bride’s grandmother’s cake – used on all the bride’s cakes in her family). The Arts Incubator (reception site) is an artist’s co-op with gallery, studio, and reception/gallery space in an old warehouse building — using it supports the Arts community in Kansas City (very cool arts-y KC meets NYC loft vibe).
    The bride & her mother (with input from the groom) planned the wedding, but the bride hired a “day of” coordinator (Danielle from Soiree Event Designs) — a VERY smart thing to do even if you’re a fabulous party-planner (allows the hosts & everyone to enjoy the wedding and the guests rather than deal with details on the day).
    Very cool Sellout Live (fabulous costumed 80’s tribute band) loved Eagen’s “Walking on Sunshine” performance with them so much that they asked her to perform a couple other songs with them (Eagen’s a great singer/performer in NYC – she’s a tiny girl with a mighty voice).
    Another wWONDERFUL touch – the bride and groom marched “out” to the back of the church followed by their attendants & parents BUT the couple walked back around to the front and “released” each guest. This made a receiving line unnecessary and made sure that every guest was greeted & thanked personally by the bride and groom at the church (before pictures) as well as during the reception.

  5. Trish

    This wedding is awesome! Gorgeous tiny bride & handsome tall groom.
    FABULOUS dress!!! Looks vintage, but the bride’s mother designed & made it??? Where can I get a mum like that?
    Cool setting and decor — out of the ordinary – magical & love the little nod to the OZ story (bride was from Kansas?).
    Great photo shoot — nice touch the Louboutins on ice!

  6. Maureen

    This was a DIY wedding at it’s best — personal meanings, lots of family involvement & help, fun & quirky (but subtle) theme that , and very stylish & beautiful.

  7. Amanda

    WOW – my friend told me about this blog (it’s great & she was right, it’s better than any wedding magazine.

    I was looking for spring/summer inspiration and this Over the Rainbow wedding has got to be my favorite out of all the weddings I’ve looked at on Rock n Roll Bride.

    This is so incredibly gorgeous! Beautiful happy Bride (should be a model), handsome happy Groom (actors perhaps?), lovely maids, attractive men, incrediblely beautiful but simple(?) wedding gown, bride’s sparkle shoes & belt, green dresses & ties (I didn’t think people could look this gorgeous in green!), incredible cathedral, rapturous reception (every touch beautiful and thoughtful). It looks like so much love & fun bursting, it’s just what I’d like for my own. Thanks for sharing this one. It should be on your best list.

  8. Hillary

    Looking for inspiration on your site and this is IT.
    When I heard “Wizard of Oz”, I thought “Are you kidding me?” But this is so beautiful, simply elegant, obviously fun & quirky (the essence of rock n’ roll).
    For my money, rivals anything for the Royal Wedding this week.

  9. Mimi

    LOVE this wedding!!! Green dresses & ties, STUNNING bride (hair, makeup, that GOWN & veil – all perfection), hunky groom, the vintage car, the birds in flight, the Wizard of Oz bits – so cool & retro but also classic


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