A little bit fashiony, a little bit boudoir – this Steampunk themed photo shoot sent me weak at the knees! Inspired by Tim Burton, Alice in Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes, New Orleans and Dita Von Teese, photographer Kamila couldn’t wait to put together a shoot like this.

Thanks to Kamila and the whole team for sharing this awesome shoot with us today

Credit: Kamila Harris Photography

by Cheekadee Makeup Artists
Wardrobe by Heartless Revival –
Misc props, acessories etc from Vintage Doylestown Doylestown Antique Center (no website) Antiquarian’s Delight Philadelphia (no website)
Leather harness by
Mini top-hat


  1. This was awesome to see first thing when I woke up! Seriously. Pete had it on his computer to show me while he was trying to get my eyes open.

    This is AWESOMETASTICAL and turned out amazing. Can’t wait to see more!

  2. Charris

    Thiis is some really amazing work. Loving the steam punk style. Needs more computer parts, maybe like a glove made out of keys of a keyboard.


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