Sexy Old Hollywood

Yey for non wedding – wedding inspiration… I’m sharing these just because I know you’ll love them! 
Photographer Michelle has absoluely hit the nail on the head with her description of these:
Notice how HOT these are, and there is no lingerie involved

These are just as sexy should be…

Credit: Oeil Photography


  1. You took the words right out of my mouth, Kat… It’s the alluring quality that says sexy and self-assured. Big kudos go to all the folks who pulled these images off so flawlessly. Inspiring work!

  2. Holy classic hollywood, Batman! Gorgeous! Nice work on the hair and make up as well as the pics themselves. And the model just LOOKS old Hollywood – now I want to see a pic of her in real life!

  3. Post author

    i thought that exact greta garbo or rita hayworth or something..its the lips!

  4. Whoa! She’s a chameleon! Thanks for sharing that. Her make-up in your shoot is excellent, and your photos are gooorgeous!

    Kat, it’s bugging me now who it is she looks like. She’s reminding me of a specific classic actress and I can’t put my finger on it. It’s somewhere between Joan Fontaine, Olivia De Havilland and Maureen O’Sullivan, yet I’m sure it’s none of them. Aargh. Maybe it’ll come to me tomorrow!

  5. These are gorgeous!! I love the lighting and angles and poses – so perfect; i’d swear these are headshots from MGM of the Golden Age of Hollywood. WOW! Very impressive!


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