Neo-Victorian meets Steampunk Wedding Ideas

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The theme of this shoot was Neo-Victorian meets Steampunk with a little bit of high fashion thrown in for good measure.

“I think Rock n Roll gets boxed in too easily”, explained photographer Phi Porto. “I am a former vocalist of a band, tattooed from head to toe and I used to only wear all black t-shirts and shorts. I am now married, run a business and I love men’s fashion, particularly wooden bow ties. I don’t believe I am any less punk rock or Rock n Roll. I still have the same passion and wanted to exemplify that through this shoot.”

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“I wanted to inspire Rock n Roll brides to be themselves and not be boxed in by any title. The models for this shoot have completely different lives but from the blue hair of the bride to the sailor jerry style tattoos on the groom, they are still Rock n Roll!”

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“If you search Google or Pinterest for ‘Neo-Victorian’, Steampunk’, or ‘high fashion’ you will find tons of images for shoots in those categories. However, we couldn’t find anything that mixed the genres so that’s what we wanted to do! This shoot shows that you can be influenced by more then just one thing and allow yourself to truly show who you are. I hope the readers of Rock n Roll Bride will realise this for their weddings too!”

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  1. Veronica

    This is one of my favourites so far. I love everything about this! Both her dresses and his outfit as well. The table setting is so elegant… Love the bouquet too, the colors are perfect.


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