Crazy, Mismatched & Colourful

February 26, 2010

Remember this stunning film noir style shoot that I featured back in May? Well the couple Sami & Katherine are now getting married and who better to shoot their engagements at the amazingly bright Hirshhorn Museum (and upcoming wedding of course) than there friend Emily Porter?

“Sami’s socks are always crazy and mismatched and he shares my love of short doses of things – TV shows instead of movies, short stories instead of novels. He loves jazz. And probably once every few months he’ll message me asking for my photoshop “expertise” in making some crazy graphic for a tshirt. Once it was Sarah Palin’s face superimposed on a daisy. Most recently he asked me to photoshop a cape onto a picture of Ronald Reagan on a horse.”

“Their apartment is full of bookcases. Some of them are filled entirely with books on learning different languages because Katherine’s brain must always be taking in new information. She studies for fun. Katherine speaks with a thick New York accent and every time I visit her I get treated to the most wonderful of facial masks.”


Thanks to Emily for sharing this fun, colourful shoot with us

Credit: Emily Porter