Anthropologie & Rustic Farm Elegance with a Rock n Roll Twist

Oh squeeeeal! I’m not sure I can say anything more intellectual about Luke & Charis’ wedding and Charis’ bridal shoot, in fact I think only ‘squeeeal’ will cover it. So. Much. Awesome!

“This couple was married in a barn at Sharon Rose Farm in Greenville SC”  photographer Anna told me “The bride is a hair stylist, the groom is a drummer – so the music and the style was fabulous and original. I thought what was so rock n roll about this wedding was that the bride made surprise stick-on tattoos to replicate her new husband’s favorite tattoo on his arm, and all the guests had a mini tattoos during the reception just like the groom!”

Charis wore a dress from David’s Bridal and she asked her bridesmaids to simply pick their own black dress.

When Charis and her bridesmaids walked into the venue someone said, “It looks like an anthropologie catalogue just walked in!” The ceremony and reception were held in a beautiful red renovated horse barn. It was such a nice mix of rustic farm, elegant chandeliers and vintage flare.  There were mason jars with wild flowers, and baskets of peanuts on cocktail tables as guests mingled and sipped lemonade before the entering the barn. An old typewriter was used as a to write notes to the bride and groom, and a sweet bird cage to put them in.

Just sit back and enjoy these – I know you will!

Thanks to Anna for sharing this amazing wedding with us


  1. love it – i love her lace headband – and LOVE that she wore david’s bridal, the dress looks gorgeous and makes me feel better about my own david’s bridal gown (I’ve been having designer dress envy)

  2. Lindsey

    I ADORE EVERYTHING about this wedding. i thought the tattoos were real and i was like omg, I wonder if MY wedding party would do that?! lol the stick-ons are genious!
    and kristy, i know exactly how you feel. just bought my dress and was torn between a designer and alfred angelo. opted for alfred. i’m trashing it the next day, and i even prefer the design but you get so caught up in the “this is the ONE day to splurge”…. had to remind myself that i’m so not that girl…

  3. I love this bride! She is absolutely adorable and her headband is fabulous! I have been looking for something like that for my own wedding. And the fur jacket is perfect. This wedding looks like it was a blast!

  4. Katya

    The headband is beautiful, yes…but what I really want to know is who was her photographer?! The photos are breathtaking and the unique and vibrant energy of this wedding was truly translated in them. Where is the photographer located?

  5. Tallulah

    Stunning – have you had any luck tracing that headband I really must have it for my wedding – have tried having a look on line but can’t find it or anything similar it is amazing!


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