Gothic Glam – Engagements

I have a little two part-er for you right now. Omar & Junela’s gothic engagement and Rock n Roll wedding were both so awesome I had to share them together – first up the ridiculously inspiring engagements.  The editing is big, brash and in your face, but I think it really works with the gothic theme of this session. I am in actual LOVE!
Stay tuned for part two tomorrow- their amazing gothic wedding…


Thanks to Jomel for sharing. Your work is amazing and so different. Love love love

Credit: Jomel Gregorio Photography


  1. Kat thank you so much for featuring Omar and Junela’s gothic prenup and wedding in your one and only blog! a great honor for me and my couple. More power to you! you are the best and the coolest writer/blogger. period.:)

  2. Omar Monteyro

    Thanks so much Kat for picking our wedding to be featured on your website!!! Me and my wife really appreciated it. More power to your site…you rock girl!


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