This Wedding Rocks

Emily looked ridiculously stylish in her Ian Stuart dress…actually called ‘Rock n Roll’ no less (!) and her custom made shrug to match by Holly Stalder. I am also loving the faux fur coat she rocked when walking to the ceremony from Per Una at Marks & Spencer.

To make their wedding truly their own, the couple bought local ale and champagne for their reception, had a friend do all their flowers and each guest was asked to choose their favourite song to have it played at the reception. Emily also asked her Mum to read a poem she wrote at the ceremony

As in a perfectly beautiful painting, where colours and tones mover together;
And make us pause for breath, because such co-existence is a display of the perfect and simple possibilities of this world.
So, in marriage, when you do not need to hold his hand, or feel her breath on your cheek
But know that love is ever present, that undeniable depth of love and care that cannot be explained or measured.

That dear Emily and John is our wish for you.

Continuing their perfect Rock n Roll day, acoustic versions of Metallica songs played as the guests entered their reception at The Great Barn.


Thanks to Marianne and Emily for sharing their wonderful photographs and wedding gossip

Credit: Marianne Taylor Photography assisted by Susie Shoots


  1. What a glam Rock’n’Roll wedding. Knocked my socks clean off!

    Just wanted to wlecome any newbies over to Rock My Wedding to see the second part and how we Rock a wedding over here in the UK – we’d love to have you!
    Thanks Kat for sharing the love! We heart RnRB and are so looking forward to meeting some new fans!

    Yours Truly,


  2. Love this wedding, as soon as I saw it on Marianne’s blog, just knew it would be perfect for Rock’n’Roll bride, so great to find out more about it here (lovely poem) and fab to see it as a joint post too with Rock My Wedding, big yea to rockin’ UK blogs.

  3. Kikki

    What a wonderful wedding.
    I tried on this dress and almost chose it… but them I found the ONE. I still have a soft spot for this dress, it’s really rock ‘roll!


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