Punpkin Carving. Autumn Leaves. Masquerade Ball.

November 7, 2009

Skye & Liam had a detail-perfect Halloween wedding in Cambridgeshire. The couple really went all out and even had a pumpkin carving competition for their guests. They suspected many people wouldn’t bother, but to their surprise and delight nearly every guest brought a personalised pumpkin to share! What a talking point huh?

Skye & Liam-185

Instead of a guest book, they opted for a message ‘tree’ where their guests could write messages to the newly married couple on the autumnal leaves which they attached to the branches. They even rounded the evening off with a masquerade ball! Hello awesomeness!

Thanks to Kim for sharing these. I am expecting to share a load more of Kim’s fantastic work on the site soon!

Credit: Kim Hawkins Photography