Colours ‘n Cocktails

When reader Ren sent me a few images from her gorgeous engagement shoot with husband to be Kris, taken by her friend and photographer DeAnna Masella I knew it was going be a keeper. Loving the colours, the cocktails and the fact that Kris has an uncanny resemblance to a certain Mr Depp!


Thanks to the gorgeous Ren for sending these in.

Credit: DeAnna Masella


  1. Kat I love everything you feature.. it’s fresh and original and never fails to loose my attention and that says alot as I’m partially add!! 😀

  2. Marin Kristine

    So funny! The first thing I thought when I looked at these shots, “Is that Jonny Depp?” He looks exactly like him!

  3. Michele

    Ren is gorgeous with a twist…Kris is JD only sassier…love the colours…Awesome photos…Splendid couple…True love!!

  4. Great session original!! Freakin awesome couple too! Sooo funny because I also think he looks just like Johnny Depp .. I’m sure he gets it A LOT

  5. YIPPEE Deanna! I love her work! these are so rockin! By far my fave session of hers!
    And Ren&Kris you guys are hawt! 🙂


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