Manga Madness

September 27, 2009

Lucky Monica & Peter had two wedding days. First up they had a simple and intimate ceremony at City Hall NYC with just close friends and family, followed a few days later by a reception at Tribeca Grand Hotel and a super funky evening party at the uber cool Japanese-neon-pop culture-manga- inspired Tokyo Bar (erm hello I need to go here!) with about 60 guests.


Photographer Ananda Lima explains the two-party idea:
I met Monica and Peter in a nice sunny morning at the newly renovated city hall. Monica looked beautiful: perfect for the occasion on a simple but super stylish white dress and suit jacket. Peter also looked great, including the removable cast he wore, which should give them a good laugh when they look back in a few years (Peter broke his left hand a couple of weeks before the wedding!). They brought a small group of family and friends with them, including Monica’s family all the all the way from Argentina. (I can imagine I would have had so much fun having my overseas family experience the whole city hall wedding thing: getting a number, waiting for it to come up on the screen…). It was a great vibe, with a mixture of English and Spanish, jokes, hugs, smiles and a laid-back and obviously in love bride and groom.

A few days later, I met with them again for their Wedding bash. They chose to have a private party at the hip Tokyo Bar, a Pop-Japanese-Art-Neon-Anime themed bar with about 60 or so guests. The place is just awesome and the atmosphere was super-cool! (I never knew about this place, I am definitely going back there!). Along with the theme, they brought a bunch of glow sticks for their guests, which was really a lot of fun when everyone started packing the dance floor. There was a lot of music, dancing and delicious “Japanese comfort food” through out the night (guests went back home with their glow sticks and some nice decorated chopsticks as their favors, which I thought was brilliant. It was a truly great party.

Thanks to Ananda for sending these to me!

Credit: Ananda Lima Photography