A Wedding With No Theme

The only theme behind Sarah and Dominick’s wedding was to be themselves, to rock out and of course to not hide their tattoos! As photographer Lindsey revealed:


The wedding had no theme.  It was simply a young, hip, tattoo covered couple.   What really made this wedding rock was the fact that the bride and groom were both tattoo covered (complete with each inking the other’s name on their arms) and they were completely in love.  The bride and groom, as well as myself, are complete individuals in word and deed.  Therefore it was a perfect fit.  The venue was a simple restaurant in Princeton and not a frilly wedding hall.  It was a down to earth affair, with the bride wearing a blue engagement ring, and the first dance was to the Grateful Dead.  The focus remained on the individuals getting married, and not about wedding day fluff.

Thanks Lindsey, you rock…

Credit: Lindsey’s Photography


  1. Ausrine

    you are so talented, and your work is astonishing.
    What theme could be better than being together and enjoying each other every moment of life?


    What a perfect website for your talent to be exhibited on! You made last Saturday go incredibly smooth for my sister and now you continue to impress us with your picture proofs. If we didn’t say it enough then, thank you, thank you, thank you!
    PS_I hope you have forgiven me for the name error lol!


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