My love for this wedding is three-fold. It’s in the UK, Amalia’s Temperley London dress is so damn gorgeous and unique and Simon proposed with a tomato skin (!) which he then had gold plated for Amalia to wear around her wrist.

Credit: DP Photography


  1. Amalia

    I love my frock too! I felt I had to drop you a message to reveal the true ickiness of the tomato story!
    Simon proposed out of the blue and improvised a ring with the last slice of tomato from the salad (we were eating outside on a sunny evening in London) what do you do with a tomato once it’s been used as a way to pledge eternal love? Eat it regardless? Of course not! So I dried it in the oven overnight (lowest temp -in case you’re faced with a similar dilemma)and when I opened the oven door it had transformed…it was slightly crinkly but the shape was unmistakeable- a heart! (which made us feel slightly nauseous with the romance of it all). Simon then found a jeweller to gold plate it in rose gold…I wore it tied round my wrist with blue ribbon on our wedding day.


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