I Love This!

So I saw this wedding on I Love Lolliblog the other day and was instantly smitten. Then when photographer Christine Chang submitted the wedding to me as well I thought ‘what the hell’ and have decided to break my self-imposed rule of not re-blogging. This wedding is too damn special and too damn rock n roll to pass up!

The gorgeous Bride Kristi, who owns her own jewellery company named Diamond Willow designed and DIYed the whole wedding – from the centrepieces to her stunning peacock bouquet, the boutonnieres and her own flower hairpiece. She wore a sample gown designed by Lian Carlo and her Mum altered the neckline and made the train detachable for dancing.

The Bridesmaids have got to be some of the most gorgeous I have ever seen, rocking their Betsey Johnson frocks, white platform shoes, babies breath bouquets and personalised ‘knuckleduster’ rings designed and made by Heist Jewelry.

Thanks to Christine for sending me these and to I Love Lolliblog for sharing them to begin with!


Credit: Christine Chang via  I Love Lolliblog


  1. What can I say! It’s just so “wow”! I want to get married all over again (of course with the same man haha) because of this! It’s just so rich and textured! I love the bridesmaids rings!

  2. You’re not kidding– this is amazing. That shot with the bed and the dress is a fairy tale. Don’t get me started no the peacock feathers, too.. good share!

  3. Kristi

    Thanks for the love!! I do have to give credit to the REAL knucklering designer, heist from NYC (www.heistjewelry.com) I wish that was one aspect I could take credit for, but metals are not my forte. As for the rest of it…I just have to say, let your imagination run wild!! I wanted my dream wedding and couldn’t trust (or afford) that anyone would do it true to Anthony and I. I wouldn’t trade the stress for anything. Thanks to Christine for capturing every moment. Book her…FAST!!

  4. Jaime

    I must know where both the brides and the bridesmaid’s shoes came from!!! Love love love!

  5. Kristi

    For Jaime: My shoes are Alexander McQueen from winter 08 and the girls are from Olsen Haus (vegan shoes)…happy shopping!


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