Rockabilly Style, Pin Up-esque, Damn Super Sexy

I have very much been looking forward to sharing these rockabilly style, pin up-esque, damn super sexy boudoir shoots from Marin Kristine Photography. Anyone who rocks a pink or blue wig gets a thumbs up from me. These may make a great gift for your future Husband, but nobody can deny you’ll have just as much fun playing dress up!

Thanks to Marin for sharing these with me.

Credit: Marin Kristine Photography


  1. I love everything about these! You rock for sharing stuff that’s not directly wedding day related… I love the randomness!

  2. yay marin! TOLD you, you were going to be famous! for everybody else, marin is super awesome to work with and is just an all around fun gal! all that on top of her fabulous photographing skills!! she’s the bee’s knees! mwah!

  3. So fun! These are fantastic–great work! For a wedding gift, I had an artist draw me as a pin-up girl–what guy doesn’t like that…?


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