When This Couple’s Wedding Photos Sucked, They Did This…

Tanya Canam Photography

July 18, 2017

Couple’s boudoir is nothing new, but what I love the most about Taryn and Adam’s photo session is the story behind it. The fact that they’re a totally babing tattooed couple doesn’t hurt either does it?!

Photographer Tanya told me all about the shoot. “I like boudoir but hate how it often takes a human (often female) body and chops it into pieces. Bum, boobs, arched back… There’s nothing wrong with these gorgeous body parts but for me there is no connection and humanity in this expression. I wanted do make this shoot moody, a bit gritty and deeply focused on the connection between two people.”

“Taryn and her husband had a big wedding planned. They bought the dress and booked some professionals and then said ‘TO HECK WITH IT!’ and ran off to Las Vegas to elope”, she continued. “They were married on the old Vegas strip by an Elvis impersonator with a very heavy Greek accent. They had a lot of fun. Their wedding was like them: different, a bit rash and pushing the boundaries of what their friends and family expected. However,  photo-wise all they ended up with a bunch of fuzzy yellow pictures on a CD.”

“I approached Taryn about a couple’s boudoir session and she jumped at the chance. She wanted something equally different to their wedding to mark this stage in their lives. Taryn has had a lot of experience in front of the camera but her husband not so much. He agreed though as it meant so much to Taryn. On the day of the shoot he was doing his manly physical job and got there late. We took advantage of his lateness to take a few shots of only Taryn before her husband joined her, all sweaty and dirty. I was overjoyed. His look suited the theme to a T.”

“I think we all get an idea about how our wedding day is supposed to be and how we want the images to look”, Tanya explained. “However, even if everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, gets tossed out the window and you run off to Las Vegas to tie the knot, in the end you are still married. You still created this beautiful union that can be commemorated in any number of ways. This is just one. They will have these deep intimate images for the rest of their lives. There is no white dress but there is one hell of a connection! And, they get to show their grandkids how dang hot nanna and grampy were!”

Would you do a shoot like this with your beloved?