Unicorns, Barbie Dolls, Boudoir and Love

Schneider’s Family Business

April 21, 2016

kellyeden-daveysuicide bridal shoot (16)

I don’t often feature boudoir shoots or just couple photo sessions (without the wedding), but when a shoot featuring someone you’ve followed on Instagram for ages pops into your inbox, you make an exception!

kellyeden-daveysuicide bridal shoot (1)

Kelly Eden is a model, artist, YouTuber and Cosplayer, and she and her boyfriend Davey Suicide did this gorgeous shoot with German photographers Schneider’s Family Business when they were visiting the US. The shoot started in Kelly’s apartment (serious home décor goals, OMG!) in Hollywood.

kellyeden-daveysuicide bridal shoot (38)

“We don’t normally do styled shoots”, the photographers explained, “but when Kelly and Davey got involved we changed our minds! The hand-painted dress was designed by Claire LaFaye and Erica from Purrfect Pineapples designed the lingerie to match it.”

kellyeden-daveysuicide bridal shoot (18)

“We wanted the shoot to be as real as possible so Kelly was getting ready in her real apartment. Then we went to Davey’s place just outside of Tarzana, a little north of LA. We took pictures of them in a canyon just up the road.”

kellyeden-daveysuicide bridal shoot (63)

“With great characters like this you don’t need a spectacular location. It’s always about the couple and the feelings they express for each other. So in our case a little spot next to a parking lot totally did the job. They both have such a great unique look. Shooting them was very easy and every image is special.”

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