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I guess it must have been pretty obvious to everyone just how much I loved MangoRED as I have now been sent some more amazing photography exported from The Philippines, from Rock n Roll Bride reader, Cely.

What I really love about the photography that seems to be emerging from The Philippines is that it is so different to the work I see coming out of Britain or The States at the moment.  The use of light in undoubtedly different in these photographs, maybe because the light literally is so different over there? Who knows, all I know is I am so happy to be able to share the work of MangoRED and Pat Dy with you, and that I most defiantly like it!

Again it is impossible for me to choose just one of Pat Dy’s weddings…so stand by for a bit of a love fest.
First up a Star Wars wedding…who says you can’t be gorgeous and geeky!?


The gorgeous MangoRED are also the subject of my guest post on Savvy Scoop this week, so head on over there for a bit and check it out too!

Edit: Dress made by Michi Calica of Toccata


 Credit: Pat Dy Photography


  1. Ash

    So want a Star Wars wedding! The details were perfect, from the tables being named after planets down to the font used on the cards! Very impressed!

  2. Hi Kat,

    I recently found you on Twitter and I’m so glad. I really enjoy the themed weddings you have up here and it’s a great place to refer my clients for some great ideas.

    I hope you don’t mind I put a link to your site from mine. I think your site is definitely worth sharing!

  3. warly

    Just so you know, it most definitely was Ash Wilton. He would never admit it but I totally caught him perusing wedding websites. HA!

  4. hi kat, thank you again for featuring my images…….issa and tigers wedding was so detailed you know they really put 300 percent of their time to making it their perfect wedding:) i was so honored to be part of it:)

  5. Post author

    I love this wedding so much! some people thought it was cheesy but i disagree..its FABULOUS! loving your work so much Pat!


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