Giddy With Excitement

Holy s***…these are aaaammmmaaazing!  The ceremony took place in….wait for it…the deep end of a swimming pool!  It’s certainly not like any grubby, algae stained, chlorine filled swimming pool I’ve ever been too  – these are quite frankly fantastic, and what an original idea…just wow!

Edit…I have just found Kyle & Casey’s engagements…I had to share them too. I love this couple! For more of these engagements, clicky here….

Edit II…I just received an email from Rod, the photographer – and this pool is in Kyle’s parents back garden! omg…

Credit: Rod Foster Photography via We Met in a Bar


  1. When I first read “deep end of a pool” I thought you meant they were swimming during the ceremony, but THIS, this is so amazing. Absolutely amazing!

  2. I know! Who knows how you would go about it or even come up with the is very cave like, and super romantic with those lights! I just love it

  3. Nadia

    is that audrina patridge’s sister? she looks great here! what an original wedding. is that her baby even?

  4. This is SOOOO amazing!!!!! I can’t even get over this! Oh man… I have to photograph someone with tats soon… these are just too beautiful and unique! Love Love Love some more. xoxo Shannon


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