Cling Film…

April 27, 2009

Go check out this week’s Rock n Roll Bride guest post on Savvy Scoop…sharing the Tinywater love! An engagement shoot using cling film for crying out loud!


Credit: Tinywater Photography


  1. ana okill

    Lovely photos…although the one of them by the kerb is slightly spoilt for me as the dogs backside appears to be
    a focal point.

  2. what an adorable couple and sweet original ideas for shooting the unique personalities! Hope to see the switcheroo of their wedding clothes too!

  3. emiru

    fave pic would have to be the switcheroo (1st pic) 🙂 i’m lucky to be friends with the groom so i got to see their wedding porn nyahaha.

    @Kerry: if you’re exhausted with these photos, you’ll be dead-tired looking thru their wedding clicks.

    love the pics guys. if you are able to transcend your concepts to other soon-to-wed couples and actually do this professionally, sign me up! 😀

  4. Elouise

    i don’t like weddings… but this pictures and the creativity of the couple (to which i can really relate) totally made me want to get married 😀


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