Snow White

March 31, 2009

I am sure we all remember this gorgeous couple’s engagements and Disney themed (but totally rock n roll!) wedding. We all loved her tattoos and the amazing photographs right?  Well the very lovely Michelle of Oeil Photography knew how much we all adored them and so send me Tina’s bridal shoot as well….wooooohoooooo!

I can not even begin to put into words how much I love these shots – the location, the sexy poses, the Snow White-esque image! Just aaaamazin’!

Thank you thank you thank you Michelle! I am forever in your rock n roll debt!

Credit: Oeil Photography


  1. wow this is gorgeous! Love her detailed dress and hairdo and his suave look against the industrial background – just goes to show that you can’t control the weather but work with it – theres always a good chance you’ll get perfect shots by accident! Love! Xxx

  2. BEST blog feature EVER!
    Go Adelaide-based White Wall Photography.. well deserved, and fantastic work!
    Much love,
    Gemma Vendetta
    Vintage/Cheesecake/Pinup Model & Stylist

  3. Just picked my jaw off the floor. Not only are they the best looking couple EVER, her name is amazing and that dress…oh that dress!!

  4. Go Scott and Alia!!! I have had a huge photography crush on these guys for a while now. Love their work, they are an amazing duo and inspirational pals. 🙂 xxx


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