Bridal Soup – The Launch

**Guest Blogging Update**

Not only am I now writing for Savvy Scoop, but Steve at the brand spanking new Bridal Soup also asked me if I’d like to contribute to their site.  Now as you probably already know, I do love a good old ramble about all things wedding, so I would have been rather foolish to turn himdown.   Plus the site is a UK based site – I almost squealed with delight!

After reading so many of your survey responses saying you’d like to know more about me, the girl behind the blog, I suggested to Steve that I write a kind of ‘how to guide’ for the Bridal Soup launch – i.e. how to plan a Rock n Roll wedding…but with your own personal flair (obviously!)

Every week I will be writing a new article, telling the story of our wedding with a few tips & tricks thrown in that I’ve gathered along the way.  I do hope you’ll come see me over there, and will enjoy seeing an ever so slightly different side to Rock ‘n Roll Bride.

This week I’m all about our engagement story.  Enjoy.
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  1. Post author

    I have no idea..i am an actual snowman too! I am an actual dufus – I just deleted your lovely last comment insted of clicky ‘reply’ i am so dufus!

    I was going to say..glad you are as excited as me and I look forward to hearing your comments!

  2. Post author

    Gald you like it…I know huh? The fireworks were just ridiculous it was like a cheesy movie or something


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