A Little Gothic Gem

Have you seen the photographs of Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese’s wedding?  Even though the marriage didn’t last very long (boo) I think these are defiantly worth a post, because if you haven’t seen these you are missing out on an absolute Gothic gem!
Seriously though how many dresses did this glamorous lady have?  I absolutely want to be her.

(I’ve included the text from the Vogue article becuase I think it’s defiantly worth a read!)

Credit: The Nachikabarett via We Heart It – Images Scanned From Vogue –


  1. Wow, Dita certianly had a lot of beautfiul outfits! Thanks for posting these – I don’t read magazines so I’ve never seen any shots before.

    My favourite detail of the whole affair are those cute pastry placecards.

  2. Post author

    No sweat. I just love her blue dress! gorgeous! And the shot of the long tables is just breathtaking


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