Elegant Red, White and Blue Wedding: Cameron & Lizzy

Caro Hutchings Photography

December 5, 2013


Cameron and Lizzy chose a red, white and blue colour palette for their August wedding. Starting with the bride’s stunning bespoke gown and the groom’s three-piece suit, it then filtering though to the hydrangeas and rose arrangements, and finally the attendant’s clothes.


“There was no single theme for the wedding, but rather a sense that we wanted people to be wowed all over again as they moved from space to space”, began the bride. “The ceremony was all red, white and blue – very British. We had big hydrangeas and red roses in crates and flowerpots, and the bridal party and groomsmen all decked out in the same. For the afternoon tea in the ballroom, we took Brympton‘s 2,000-piece tea set as a starting point and created a very eclectic and vintage-y look. Then, for the evening reception in the orangery, we went for a gentleman’s club feel – lots of jewel colours, plush furnishings and bits and bobs raided from my parent’s house.”


Lizzy’s incredible dress was custom made for her and actually made from scarves from Liberty! She explained, “My dress was made from scarves. Going into ‘wedding year’, all I knew about my future dress was that it wouldn’t be white (or completely white). After a couple of unsuccessful forays into evening gowns and a run in with at least one lacklustre dressmaker, my mum was sat in the hairdresser six months before the wedding lamenting my lack of dress, and through her lovely hairdresser we found Emma Louise.


After weeks spent ogling evening wear on Pinterest, I’d found the perfect shape for my dress, and the lovely Emma send me off to buy fabric. Not to be trusted in the slightest, I wandered into Liberty’s scarf department and fell in love with a giant silk number by Athena Procopiou. I sometimes wonder whether Emma still regrets saying, ‘Well it can’t be harder than working with lace…’ but a couple of months later I walked down the aisle in the most fantastic thing I’ll probably ever wear.”


“My advice to future couples would be to put all your wedding decisions through a does-it-feel-right-o-meter and stand by what comes out”, she concluded. “We didn’t invite plus ones we didn’t know and we politely asked people with young kids to leave them with grandma. Controversial maybe, but it worked for us. A supportive family and professional suppliers are going to be able to deal with the fact that maybe squealing toddlers/lace everywhere is not your thing. The biggest compliment was when people said our day felt like ours.”