A Cold Day In Bognor…

I was going to wait until I had been sent more of the results, but I’m so excited about how these have turned out that I have to post them right away!

Yesterday afternoon, myself and David got in my rickety little ford ka and traipsed down to Bognor Regis (nice name huh?) to get some new shots to use on the site and for some up and coming (and very exciting) Rock ‘n Roll Bride promotion (more info on this to come very soon!)  It took us about 2 hours to get there and I’d been up since 4.30 am for my ‘day job’. YAAAWN!

We got there at about 3.30pm and found a hotel that allowed me to get changed in their toilet and doll myself up.  It was rather hilarious trying to get me into the dress again – I didn’t have a lacing lesson a needless to say David was as clueless as me, I did get stuck a few times!  I have to say, this shoot really made me love my dress again, I’d almost forgotten how bloody gorgeous it is.  We headed out to the pier, a rough a ready looking wall and the sea front for a variety of shots and styles.  I was bloooooody freeeeezing by the end but I think you’ll agree it was all worth it!  I am SO happy with the results, aren’t they fantastic!?  We were so lucky with the light – it really made the photographs.

My fabulous shoes were personalised by the amazing Shoe Missy.  I actually only ordered them on Wednesday thinking I wouldn’t get them on time for the shoot, but I figured I could use them another time.  However when Anna, the shoe designer heard about the shoot she rushed the order through and was able to get them shipped to me in time to use.  They arrived only half an hour before we had to leave, lucky huh!?  We were SO happy we could use the shoes – they really became a feature of the photographs.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, I’m sure you’re dying to see them right?  Well here they are…weep at the fabulousness!


Credit: David M McNeil


  1. Post author

    Glad you like them, we are so pleased with the results. we went to dinner after and we’re talking about your work too. David loves it as much as me!

  2. The shoes, the hair, the dress, the cardi, the settings… I just love it. It’s so you. I think my favorite shot is image bognor13. I want some custom That Bride shoes now! Or That Wife. Whatever, it’s all the same. The point is, I love you and I love this shoot.

  3. Post author

    13 is our fave too – we love it. I also like number 9 – when Gareth saw it he said ‘omg that is just SO YOU!’ im looking forward to checngin ym banner (or rather getting husband too) soon too! thanks for lovely comments :o) I don’t know if shoe missy ships to the US but if she can I would highly recommend investing in some!

  4. Oh this is too funny, Nick always jokes about going to Bognor Regis for our honeymoon – it looks pretty in your pictures though. Ditto with everyone else, your shoot was/is awesome!

  5. Post author

    Its a tiny seaside town and there isnt much there or to do apart from sit on the pebbly beach and eat fish n chips! good for photos though!


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