No Frou Frou Please

I’m afraid my knowledge on this wedding is slim to none as it’s one of my finds from my extensive flickr browsing!  I not only love the Bride’s outfit but the bridesmaids are definitely kickin’ it!  It just adds to my argument that getting your bridesmaids to wear what they feel comfortable in is the way forward – just ask them to stick to a colour scheme..the effect is quite frankly wicked!  They’ll still look like ‘team bridesmaid’ without looking like ‘team frou frou prom dress’

Credit: Actiongrl


  1. Andie Grace

    That’s my wedding last October, and I’m happy to share any other details you might want – it was a totally DIY, Burning Man-meets-wine-country affair, and done on the cheap with recycled materals and lots of friends helping out.

    There are many great photos that I can’t add to the Offbeat Bride flickr set because they belong to other photogs, but they’re in our group at – AND lots of super fun photos of our amazing and colorful guests were taken at the “photo booth” our friend Glenn set up, too:

    Thanks for the props!

  2. I totally agree! I had my bridesmaids choose their own dresses too- I just gave them the color. I did it for the exact reasons you listed above 🙂 This wedding is very pretty and it has such a personal touch to it! Nice find.


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