Black, White & Red All Over

January 11, 2009

This wedding was sent to me by Victor Sizemore, the photographer behind the Carnival-esque wedding you all seemed to love so much.   Tanya and Joel’s wedding is surely unique – gothy and fabulous.  I love the black, white and red but the standout feature for me has got to be the rather spectacular venue!  Isn’t it just a dream come true?!

The detail of the masks is so sweet.  Tanya hand painted each mask, one per guest, which they not only wore but served as their reception placement card and favour – very personal and such a lovely idea, something the guests can enjoy on the day and will actually want to take home!


Credit: Victor Sizemore


  1. Debby Jamieson

    Absolutely stunning. I wanted to get married in black but everyone told me it was not appropriate, wish I hadn’t listened to them.

  2. Rebecca

    Awesome to see another Kiwi going for it in Black!! I did too! Such emotive photos, you all look Wonderful <3

  3. Lauren

    Simply stunning. I got married in black as well so I understand the pressure to change colour. It’s wonderful you didn’t change your mind about your dress, you look so beautiful.

  4. Shauna

    Possibly the most amazing wedding dress I have ever seen! Breathtakingly gorgeous.

  5. Oh my gee. How brilliant. I would LOVE to hear a string version of the Pixies, ‘Where is My Mind’. (awesome track). Vivien looks just stunning in her black dress and she was totally right to stick to her guns on this one! Congrats on a truly fab and wonderful wedding Vivien and Nick!

  6. That is one of the most beautiful wedding dresses I have ever seen…not too mention that headpiece is killer! I’m so glad she didn’t bow to the pressures of not wearing black. These pictures are just stunning too.

  7. Arianna

    I really don’t get why some people make such an hassle about brides wearing black dresses…good lord, IT’S JUST A COLOUR!