The Five Biggest Mistakes You’re Making With Your Blog

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I look at a lot of blogs. Not only am I a fanatical reader, but through running The Blogcademy I’ve now critiqued over 300 of them! In class, each attendee receives a report card where we give them some personal feedback on their sites. And after doing so many of them over the past 12 months, I’ve realised that most bloggers are making exactly the same mistakes.

To ensure that you’re not doing the same, here are the five main blunders I see being made over and over again.

1. You have a lacklustre About page (or no About page at all!)

Next to your homepage, your About page will be the most visited on your site. The likelihood is that if a brand new reader likes your content they’re next going to want to know about the person behind the blog. If your About page is lacklustre, boring or doesn’t entice them to want to know more about you, they are unlikely to stick around.

It’s no secret that writing about yourself is hard, but as Gala says, “It’s the best possible PR exercise! You have to be your own cheerleader, your own PR agent and your own pushy stage mother!” Remember, if you don’t tell people how awesome you are, no-one else is going to do it for you.

Online, we have the power to present ourselves however we want and to become the people we always thought we could be. While, of course, you shouldn’t be making things up, the way you talk about yourself can make or break how people perceive you.

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I was recently featured on the UK Wedding Academy site. Their article was loosely based on my About page (which I directed them to when they emailed to ask if they could feature me) and I was thrilled with how the piece came out. Why? Because they said all the things I wanted people to know about me! On my About page I’m not shy to big up the things that make me proud and to share the things I want to do more of. Therefore when they came to write their article, it basically contained all the things I’m most excited about.

If your About page is lacking some oomph, be sure to let go of your inherent shyness (a good tip is to imagine you’re writing about someone else), check out this advice post and crack on with bigging yourself up ASAP!

2. Your contact info is hard to find

It genuinely baffles me how difficult some people are to contact! Don’t make it hard for potential clients to get in touch with you, especially if you’re in a service based industry or if you’re trying to sell something. Your contact page should be clearly labelled and located in the top navigation bar of your blog (under your header). Failing that you could include it in your About page, but make sure you call it out very clearly.

Similarly, if you run a location-specific business, make sure you include where in the world you are based. If you’re a florist in London, for example, it’s unlikely that you’ll be wanting to work with people in The States. If you don’t include this vital info, how are potential clients supposed to know if you’re an option for them?

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