I Have Failed

Photography Credit: Made u Look Photography

Yesterday I had a to do list longer than my arm…

Food shopping.
Write a Green Room article.
Clean bathroom.
Book hotel room.
Write 3 wedding posts.
Tidy bedroom.
Change bedding.
Tidy office.
Put clothes away.

Instead I spent most of the day sat in front of my computer, staring at a blank document on my screen. I checked facebook. I tweeted. I checked facebook again. And then I tweeted about zombies. I read my entire Google reader. I read the latest Photo Professional Magazine. I napped. I carried my cats around the house like babies.

Did I do any of the things on my list? Did I hell.

Sometimes the inspiration and/or inclination just don’t come and no matter how hard you try you can’t physically force yourself to do the things you know you have to. No matter how good your intentions are or how neatly your ‘to do list’ is written. Procrastination is a bitch, but you know, sometimes we just need to give ourselves a break.

If it’s not happening, I’d encourage you to just allow it. Stop pressurising yourself and take the time off you need. Get up and get out… or just flomp in front of the TV/hang out on social media if that’s what you want… and forgive yourself for your impromptu mini break.

Sometimes failure is OK. There may be no rhyme or reason to it, and you might not learnt anything from the experience, but that’s alright. Let’s forgive ourselves for our momentary lapses in awesomeness and just let them be…

I’ll come back swinging again tomorrow. Who’s with me?


  1. Absolutely! There seems to be an unspoken competition thing about how busy everyone is these days. So-much-so that we are left feeling guilty if we ‘sin’ by procrastinating. Sometimes life just has to be lived- however lazily we want to. Brilliant.

  2. Post author

    thanks vintage smart! after i stopped beating myself up for being so lazy yesterday i actually had a great day haha

  3. Perfect procrastination post…I’m off to check out the local charity stores instead of writing tomorrow’s post 🙂

  4. Ha! That was EXACTLY my day yesterday. Apart from the zombies. I think there’s something in the air x

  5. Post author

    thanks guys! i actually think its WORSE to try and force it when its just not happening. you find yourself doing a shitty job and you’ll probably only have to go back and redo it. as long as its not happening ALL THE TIME its ok!

  6. Reading this inbetween checking facebook, twitter, back to facebook. Oh, maybe i’ll search Etsy for wedding rings for the upteenth time. You are so true! Then another day we will be on fire. You just can’t predict it!

  7. Emma-Rose

    I was like this last week moving out of my old house, I convinced myself I was “packing” up but what I was actually doing was putting one pile of crap from one room into another…then I decided to hoover my car… as you do in the middle of moving house!

  8. I loved just reading this as i have been flicking between facebook and pintrest all day, taking endless tea breaks and feeling guilty about not doing what i should be doing!! glad there are so many of us doing the same thing!! here’s to flumping!! woooo! x

  9. You didn’t fail completely…you got a post for your Green Room out of it 🙂
    Off for an afternoon nap…don’t tell anyone x

  10. Ruth

    Doess it count that I’ve been wearing a face mask for neat an hour channel hopping? When really I need to sort out stock for my first craft fair?

  11. Post author

    Haha bran I like your thinking! To be fair I had a much better green room post idea but I couldn’t get the words out. Maybe next week?!



    Oh and “I carried my cats around the house like babies.”


    :D:D:D:D x

  13. Nail on the head there, Vintage Smart! So much so that I’ve actually scheduled myself in a ‘lazy day’ next week…. desperate times!

  14. It obviously wasn’t ready to come out yet. Like you said, you need to allow yourself these mini breaks to get your groove back. xx

  15. Definitely! When I’m writing essays for Uni I, like all students, get the worst procrastination fever. It’s so much better to take an afternoon off and do nothing, it makes you so much more productive afterwards. It’s hard to get over the guilt though!

  16. Totally with you on this. Some days it just isn’t meant to be. Much better to kick back, relax, and let things take their natural course! x

  17. I was SO happy to see your tweets about having no motivation at all, and now this post. Yey, was not alone on the Monday of No Inspiration. x

  18. Totally know where you’re coming from there. Also good to hear that you too feel like this when you seem so productive with your work. I also liked that your housework jobs were on the list there too. When you work from home and are freelance you always have that nagging tension of do I prioritise proper work / house work. (Perhaps I should stop seeing house work as not proper work).

  19. I’ve been a sooky la la all week this week because I am so far behind with my work because I got a bad case of pneumonia and it knocked me for six, thanks for writing this, I’m off to do absolutely nothing. Thanks for cheering me up!


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