July 17, 2012

I wake up with a jolt. CRAAAAAP I’ve missed my flight. Bollocks I’ve forgotten to pack. Boo-hiss I forgot to arrange a car to pick me up…

I’ve been having these dreams over and over for the past few weeks. Waking up at 6am in a panic is not fun let me tell you. I’m not sure if they’re happening more and more because I’ve done so much travel this year and I hate to be late or if they’re just my brain’s way of informing me that I’m stressing out and feeling overstretched (er yeah thanks brain, I’m well aware).

When it happened again the other night I started putting together this list of ways to unwind. This is a guide for myself as much as anyone else… in fact maybe more for myself… but if some of you are feeling similarly stressed out (hell, we’re in peak wedding season I’m sure you are!) then maybe it can help you too. Some of these things I do. Some of these things I need to do more often. Hell, most of these things I need to do more often…

♥ Get out of the house/office
♥ Take a nap
♥ Procrastinate
♥ Make art/photograph/write for yourself
♥ Switch to tea

♥ Ignore your emails for 24 hours
♥ Take a social media vacation
♥ Have a clear out
♥ Get drunk (not every night…!)
♥ Treat yourself

♥ Drink juice
♥ Write handwritten lists
♥ Carry a journal with you. Write every single idea you have. However silly or unbelievable
♥ Set some goals
♥ Play with/cuddle your pets

♥ Pre-schedule
♥ Read fiction
♥ Indulge in your favourite TV show (bonus points for watching multiple episodes back to back)
♥ Take a mini break
♥ Have a date night

♥ Get an early night
♥ Have long phone calls with your girlfriends
♥ Allow yourself to be lazy
♥ Explore
♥ Give yourself a new look

I’d love to read some of your suggestions, ideas, or hear about the things you already do to decompress. Hit me up in the comments!