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Colourful, Tropical Tiki Bar Wedding with a Focus on Fun


Photography by Vicki

March 18, 2024

Ana and Chris met on OK Cupid, bonding quickly over their mutual love of travel. Ana was actually Chris' first online date and six years later they were married! They wanted their day to be non-traditional, full of colour and to have lots of nods to recent travels (Ana's dress had custom embroidered patches on it of things directly inspired by some locations they've visited together – Easter Island, Singapore, Mexico… and of course, London, where they now live).

Gothic Meets Celestial Brewery Wedding on a Budget


Laura Wilson

January 24, 2024

Claire and Ralph own a small pub, so naturally they got married in a working brewery! With a budget of just £4,000, they pulled off both an intimate family wedding at the registry office, and then a few days later a bit party for everyone else. "We chose to get married around Halloween as it's my favourite time of year", Claire told us, "I also wanted to bring in my love for all things celestial."

Vibrant Orange and Pink Wedding with a Robbie Williams Tribute Act


Love Francesca Photo

December 22, 2023

Having previously eloped with just mates and their pugs in a secret ceremony, Evie and Alex's 'big' wedding was a true reflection of the bride's colourful vision. Evie, who describes herself as "colour obsessed," wanted a wedding that radiated vibrancy with a touch of European flair. The couple chose the picturesque Crayke Manor in North Yorkshire (now sadly closed) as their venue.