A Somerset Wedding with All the Party Vibes

Simon and Kiana Photography

May 17, 2024

Connor and Jade always knew their wedding wouldn’t be a subdued affair. At the majestic Crowcombe Court in Taunton, they planned a celebration that was less about tradition and more about pure, unbridled joy. “Our main aim was to ensure we and all our guests had fun – it was a HUGE PARTY!” the couple told us. “We did not follow a traditional theme, our main aim was to ensure we and all our guests had fun.”

A vision in a Milla Nova gown, Jade made a showstopping entrance to A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. “The dress was the first and only one I fell in love with,” Jade shared, “and from the photos, I think you can see why.” The ceremony featured lots of laughs and their Pomeranian acting as ring bearer. “It was very emotional, especially for the groom and groom’s party.” she continued. “We kept the vows short and sweet to prevent any awkwardness. Despite this, there were many times where we broke out into laughter as we’re not used to doing such a formal thing!”

As Freed from Desire blared, Connor and Jade made their grand entrance into their reception, instantly setting the tone for the evening.. The room erupted, with guests dancing on chairs and singing at the top of their lungs. “Our favourite part was definitely the vibe of the entire day, from start to finish,” Connor noted. “The speeches were all unique in their own way and the evening reception was a party like no other! After getting the first dance out the way nice and early, Jade was able to change into a lighter and less covering outfit resulting in her being able to dance like she knows how.”

The couple remained on the dance floor or on a chair for most of the evening, both with a microphone, singing and dancing all night! It’s fair to say this was a true party for all.

Their biggest takeaway from the experience? “Enjoy the moment”, said Jade. “We had an amazing experience planning our wedding and it really showed on the day. I would highly recommend getting married because that happiness and love you feel on the day is unexplainable!”