Emma & Matt’s Detail-Perfect BBQ Wedding

It’s the little details that excite me, details like all that attention and love put into Emma & Matt’s Rock n Roll Wedding. The couple, who found their photographer Caro Hutchings through a feature on Rock n Roll Bride, got married St Mary’s Church in Yorkshire. After the ceremony, the whole party boarded a vintage double decker bus which took them to the reception, held at The Blue Lion, East Witton.

“We got married a year to the day of our engagement,” the bride told me. “We’re both known for being nerdy, creative and a tiny bit clothes obsessed so we were never going to have a typical wedding. When it came to thinking of a “theme” we came to the conclusion that it wasn’t going to have to be whatever we and everyone else wants!  We also wanted a day that showed everybody just how much we love each other.  We haven’t been together as long as a lot of couples, but from the day we “accidentally” got together on a work night out, we’ve both known its for good. Our guests have seen us grow up, enjoy life,  but ever single person there agreed that neither of us have been so happy as we are together.”
“Rock n Roll Bride was a HUUUUUGE inspiration for the day – it made us realise that we could have everything we wanted without upsetting our parents, who were secretly longing for a traditional wedding day. Nobody had to compromise on anything, the day was so laid back, so cool, so us.”

The reception consisted of a casual BBQ and an awesome band playing into the night! “The BBQ meant that the guests could roam around and take in the beautiful surroundings at The Blue Lion,” Emma continued.  We’re both very impatient (not to mention greedy!) so it was an inspired choice! Music is so important to both of us, so finding The Moobs was a stroke of extreme Rock n Roll luck – The dance floor was packed for every single dance. The coolest thing about the wedding for both of us was that we spent it with the people we love, the rehearsal the night before consisted of the, people we couldn’t live without. People we couldn’t live without and a great deal of tears!”

The cupcakes were made by the Mother of the bride, the flowers were all arranged by the Mother of the groom and the bridesmaids were all asked to find and style their own outfits, making the whole day a really group effort. The marquee decor was created by the bride, the Mother of the bride, the maid of honour and the Mother of the groom. “We spend the year leading up to the wedding going in every charity shop we knew, to source tons of broken and mismatched tea sets. These were filled with candles and sweeties and joined on the tables by birdcages and various other bits of kitsch.  As it got dark, the roof was lit up like a night sky and the trees outside were twinkling with fairy lights” Emma reminisced.

Huge thanks to Emma & Matt and their awesome photographer Caro for sharing this rockin’ wedding with us today 

Photography Credit: Caro Hutchings Photography
Ceremony Venue: St Mary’s Church
Reception Venue: The Blue Lion
Bride’s Dress: Pronovias
Bride’s Shoes: Debenhams & Vivienne Westwood
Bride’s Accessories: DC Bouquets
Groom’s Suit: Michelsberg
Groom’s Pocket watch: Vintage
Groom’s Wedding band: Vintage
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Different high st dresses
Cake: DIY
Flowers: DIY
Band: The Moobs
Hair: Kim at the Hair Gallery, Masham
Make Up: DIY


  1. Danielle

    What a lovely article on what was a beautiful, emotional and fun day!! Caro is an amazing photographer, we barely knew she was there but the pictures are just gorgeous, she has captured all the details in such an elegant and understated way. Couldn’t recommend her enough!!!

    Congratulations to Em and Woolley xxx

  2. LOVE the pictures, especially the bridal headpiece created by that fantabulous mistress of matrimonial accessories, DCbouquets!

  3. This wedding is freaking fantastic…I love their food choices…so much about it is exactly what we have in mind as well. Awesome to see a BBQ that looks like a classy-ass affair without being too “rustic chic” – which I’m not a fan of at all. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Em

    Ooooh it was such an amazing day, and being blogged on here makes it all even better. The photos are such a kick ass reminder of it all and every time I look at them I can remember exactly how I felt at the time – Caro got it down to the tiniest most wonderful detail.

    Lizzie – Totally go for it with the “Posh BBQ”! We were completely freaked out by food options, they were all ultra formal (we knew we would be in NO state to sit and scoff 3 courses by that point!) or a bit scruffy (one place told us they couldnt be liable for any illnesses as a result of their food!!!!) but the BBQ was wicked, even our veggie guests loved it. Im not very outdoorsy but it all felt so right.

    I want to have the day all over again – Huge Good luck to all the ladies in waiting – Here’s to Rock’n’roll brides! xxx


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