Perfectly Captured Moments

What I love about Sonya & Toby’s Cotswold’s wedding was the moments photographer David Jenkins seemed to capture. Subtle, touching, intimate, hilarious…the images just jumped off the screen at me and I felt an instant affinity with the event. I could literally imagine being there.

Quite apart from the photography, the wedding was a simply darling English affair – the church looks elgeant (who says Rock n Roll Brides can’t get married in a chuch? Not me!) the venue looks sweet as hell and the details are fabulous. The bunting, the cupcakes, the flowers, the fairylights. I love it all!

David Jenkins Photography023

Thanks to David for sharing this wonderful happy day with us

Credit: David Jenkins Photography


  1. Jo

    Loving the photos – it looks absolutely beautiful. Particularly love the gingham and cupcakes and the evening shots have really captured the moment !


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